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Issue 337 in project lilypond

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 337 in project lilypond
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 21:42:44 -0700

Issue 337: collision: \arpeggioUp should increase horizontal space of \arpeggio

New issue report by gpermus:
% there is a collision because adding an arrow to an arpeggio
% does not increase the horizontal space LilyPond allocates for the object.

%  This is similar to issue #242, but since it only applies to arpeggios
%  it seems to be a separate issue.

\version "2.11.20"
\paper{ ragged-right=##t }
  \key bes \major R1 \break |
  <bes aes' c'' f''>2\arpeggio r2 \break |
  <bes aes' c'' f''>2\arpeggio r2 \break |

        foo.png  10.4 KB 

Issue attributes:
        Status: Accepted
        Owner: gpermus
        Labels: Type-Collision Priority-Low

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