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Re: Where the dot belongs to...

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Where the dot belongs to...
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 18:17:43 -0700
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Thanks, entered as

- Graham

Mats Bengtsson wrote:
In the source code that handles collisions of note heads (lily/note-collision.cc)
I found the following comment:

/* For full collisions, the right hand head may obscure dots, so
    make sure the dotted heads go to the right.  */

However, it seems that this doesn't happen in your example (which can be
simplified into
\version "2.10.20"
\new Staff \relative c' <<
fis4. \\ {e8 e e }
so I would classify this as a bug. However, I seem to remember some related
discussions on the mailing list over the years and I don't remember the
conclusion, so it might be that it was decided to use the current layout and
that the comment is left over from before that decision.


José Luis Cruz wrote:
Well, although in this case it's pretty clear that the dot belongs to
the F (can't be any other way), it's true that the disposition is
somehow odd. I entered the same sequence of music in sibelius to see
how that software dealed with that problem. I like it better its
solution than lilypond's one. I provide both pngs.

I added ragged-right prior to compile it (in 2.11.20). And I noticed
also that the sharp in A sharp (third measure) is too much separated
from the notehead.

Maybe the experts in music engraving are able to tell us more.


2007/3/19, Martin Brodbeck <address@hidden>:

I just wanted to start with a new music sheet. I must admit that I haven't worked with lilypond for a long time and I'm not an expert in music notation. But I noticed an ugly output in the third measure. At first view, it is not clear where the dot belongs to (it belongs to the fis). Now I'm not sure if
lilypond is responsible for this or if it's me. :-)




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