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Issue 342 in project lilypond

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 342 in project lilypond
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 18:12:53 -0700

Issue 342: score objects can't have staff-padding specified

New issue report by gpermus:
(discussion about Metronome Marks)

Mats writes:
It seems that the logical(?) explanation to this "bug" is that 
marks (just as bar numbers, e.g.) are handled at the score level, so they
are not tied to any specific staff. Since LilyPond therefore doesn't know
which staff to calculate the distance from, the property isn't taken into

Still, it would certainly be desirable to be able to specify the smallest
distance to the top stave and not only the smallest distance to the closest
object (which is what the padding property gives you).

Of course, a possible workaround is to remove the corresponding engraver
from the Score context and add it to the topmost stave, but that's a very
clumsy workaround.

Issue attributes:
        Status: Accepted
        Owner: gpermus
        Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Medium

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