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Re: Wrong barlines in second alternative after "repeat volta" when repea

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Wrong barlines in second alternative after "repeat volta" when repeat starts with upstep
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 13:02:46 +0200
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You are completely right. The implementation of the repeat handling should be corrected to correspond to normal typesetting conventions. This problem has been brought up on the mailing lists several times over the years, but nobody has fixed it yet. Clearly, the "explanation" provided in the current manual, is completely wrong
according to music typesetting conventions.

A fix to this problem is to manually tell LilyPond that the second ending
should start at a bar line:

\version "2.10.0"

\new Staff \relative {
 \partial 4
 \repeat volta 4 { e | c2 d2 | e2 f2 | }
 \alternative {
   { g4 g g }
   { \partial 4*0 % The second ending starts on the first beat
     a a a a }
 a b2.

An alternative is to manually tell LilyPond that the first ending is an
incomplete bar:

\version "2.10.0"

\new Staff \relative {
 \partial 4
 \repeat volta 4 { e | c2 d2 | e2 f2 | }
 \alternative {
   { \partial 4*3 g4 g g }
   { a a a a }
 a b2.


Walter Gull wrote:
I refer to the third example in section "6.7.2 Repeat syntax" in the current
LilyPond documentation:

This example starts with an upstep. In the fourth repetition the three "g"
quarter notes are not to be played. The note PLAYED immediately before the first
note ("a") under the "quarta volta" hood is the half note "f", which is played
during beats 3 and 4. Thus that first "a" has to be played on beat 1, and the
bar under the "quarta volta" hood is an ordinary full 4/4 bar, NOT an isolated
upstep. As a consequence the next barline should only appear between the
second-last and the last "a" note.

I modified your example using "unfold" instead of "volta" (a modification that
should only change the typesetting, but not the playing of the music) and get a
correct rendering.

See http://gull.homeunix.org/Documentation/ly-bug-repeat/

r1      literally your example snippet
r2      modification with "unfold"

r1.pdf is wrong
r2.pdf is correct (although maybe musically not too sensible ...)
P.S.: Sorry for typesetting the examples an an octave lower, but that is here

Besides: Thank you for the great software you wrote!

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