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Re: average-spacing-wishes and note too close to barline

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: average-spacing-wishes and note too close to barline
Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 10:28:27 +0200
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You misunderstood me. What I tried to say was that the problem you observe
has nothing to do with the average-spacing-wishes property and therefore cannot
be solved by setting that property, no matter how many staves you have.

(However, once you have solved it for a single stave, you may still get problems in multi-stave scores if you have an accidental on the first note of the measure only in one of several staves. In that case, it helps to set average-spacing-wishes.)

Let's go back to your original example. I have added some more comments
and settings, that can be included in the bug handling database. As far as I can
see, this is a separate bug from #242 (at least partly).

The accidental is too close to the left bar line.
Also, it seems that for ":|" and other "wide" bar line types
the padding and space-alist properties are not counted from the
right edge of the bar line.

\version "2.11.22"
\paper{ ragged-right=##t indent = #0 }

\new Score
 \new Staff \relative c'' {
   R1 \bar ":|" bes2 r2 \bar "|" bes2 r2 | \break
\override Score.BarLine #'space-alist = #'(
(time-signature . (extra-space . 0.75))
(custos . (minimum-space . 2.0))
(clef . (minimum-space . 1.0))
(key-signature . (extra-space . 1.0))
(key-cancellation . (extra-space . 1.0))
(first-note . (fixed-space . 1.3))
(next-note . (semi-fixed-space . 1.3)) ; Changed from the new default 0.9
(right-edge . (extra-space . 0.0)))
   R1 \bar ":|" bes2 r2 \bar "|" bes2 r2 | \break
\override Score.AccidentalPlacement #'left-padding = #1.0
   R1 \bar ":|" bes2 r2 \bar "|" bes2 r2 | \break

You can workaround your problem by increasing either the semi-fixed-space
after next-note or the left-padding of AccidentalPlacement even more, but I'm afraid that such a setting may look ugly in other measures where you don't have
this particular combination of a repeat sign followed by an accidental.


madhg wrote:
Thanks, Mats.  I added a second stave to my small example.  But the flat
still collides with the barline. I wonder if I included the average-wishes
command correctly.  At least it didn't give an error message.


\version "2.11.22"
\paper{ ragged-right=##t }

\new Score
   \override Score.SpacingSpanner #'average-spacing-wishes = ##f
   \new GrandStaff
        \new Staff = trebleStaff \relative c'' {
R1 \bar ":|" bes2 r2 %\appoggiatura aes16 bes2 r
  \new Staff = bassStaff \relative c {
          \clef bass
R1 c2 c2 % d2 e2 } >> }

Mats Bengtsson-4 wrote:
The average-spacing-wishes property is only relevant in scores that have
more than a single stave, so you are completely right that it doesn't
make any difference whatsoever in your single stave example.


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