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Re: average-spacing-wishes and note too close to barline

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: average-spacing-wishes and note too close to barline
Date: Wed, 02 May 2007 11:00:25 +0200
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madhg wrote:

Mats Bengtsson-4 wrote:
You can workaround your problem by increasing either the semi-fixed-space
after next-note or the left-padding of AccidentalPlacement even more, but I'm afraid that such a setting may look ugly in other measures where you don't have
this particular combination of a repeat sign followed by an accidental.

Yes, I tried increasing semi-fixed-space after next-note, but as you say, it
gave too much space at the beginning of other bars.
I shouldn't say this here - but I'm starting to feel it would be nice to be
able to move
notes around with a mouse!  :-)
The equivalent of moving things with a mouse (i.e. to change the layout at a single specific place) is to make the setting (like the one you tried) with a \once before it:
\once \override ...
You can even define a macro
fixSpacingProblem =  \once \override Score.BarLine #'space-alist = #'(
(time-signature . (extra-space . 0.75))
(custos . (minimum-space . 2.0))
(clef . (minimum-space . 1.0))
(key-signature . (extra-space . 1.0))
(key-cancellation . (extra-space . 1.0))
(first-note . (fixed-space . 1.3))
(next-note . (semi-fixed-space . 2.0)) ; Changed from the new default 0.9
(right-edge . (extra-space . 0.0)))

and use it wherever you need:
R1 \fixSpacingProblem \bar ":|"

As you can see, the advantage compared to doing such a setting with a mouse is that you can easily reuse the setting, once you found out how to do it and if you want the spacing somewhat wider or somewhat narrower, you can change the value in the macro definition and it will apply to all places in the score where you have used the


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