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Re: Weird output

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Weird output
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 20:34:11 +0200
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I seem to recall that there have been some reports on bugs
in JPedal, the PDF previewer used with jEdit. Why not check
the PDF file using Acrobat or some other PDF viewer and
report the bug to the JPedal developers (or upgrade to a
newer version) if that one turns out to be the culprit.


David Bobroff wrote:

OK, this is getting weirder.  I installed Lily v2.11.23.  I got the same
results and was going to post it on my website so anybody interested
could take a look.  BUT; when I checked it online, rather than in the
previewer with jEdit...the umlaut-u was fine in the header.  BUT; the
umlaut-a in the line of lyrics was still 'A-tilde currency'.  I had
already edited this to be an umlaut-a.  Furthermore, u-grave had
reverted to 'A-tilde superscript 1'.

This is looking less and less like a LilyPond problem.  I realized this
is now off-topic, but does anyone have a suggestion (perhaps off-list?)



Thomas Scharkowski wrote:
Hi David,

I have tested your example with LilyPond 2.11.23 (Windows), the output is o.k..

Something odd is going on.  In the example below, if I try to make the
subtitle print in italics I get a strange result on the umlaut-u.  I
don't get two umlaut dots.  I get only the one on the right and it has
extra something sticking out of the left side making it look rather
like a single curly quote on its side.  If I comment out the \italic
the umlaut-u is fine...but not italicized, of course.


\version "2.10.20" %% On Windows

\header {
title = \markup {
 %% commenting out \italic allows proper rendering

\score {
\relative c' {

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