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Re: lilypond

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: lilypond
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 22:59:50 +0200
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I'm trying to guess what you really are asking about.
My guess is that you have found the Mutopia music
score archive www.mutopiaproject.org or some other
score archive where the music has been typeset using
the LilyPond program. At Mutopia, you can find both
PDF files to be printed directly, but also the input files
to the LilyPond program, that were used to create the
PDF files. These are of course only useful if you want to
change anything and therefore cannot use the existing
PDF files directly.

In this specific case, it seems that there are several files
that have been packaged together in the form of a ZIP
archive file. Depending on what operating system you use
on your computer, there are different options available
to do that. On Windows XP, you just double click on the file,
on older Windows versions, you need to install some extra
program like WinZip, in Linux, you can use the command
"unzip", ...

Maybe your question is also how to process the files once
you have unpacked them. The answer is to go to www.lilypond.org
click on Download and install the program. You will probably
need to read the Tutorial to be able to do anything useful with
the program. There is also a large risk that the .ly files you found
were written for an older version of LilyPond so you also have to
read the section in the LilyPond user manual on how to update
the syntax.

I hope that this answers your question. The next time you have
some basic usage question related to LilyPond, please send it
to the lilypond-user mailing list instead.


Dimitris Minakakis wrote:

I would want to be possible to open the following files:

.ly files (zipped)

Thank you very much

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