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\betweenLilyPondSystem not spacing second from first system

From: Jean-Charles
Subject: \betweenLilyPondSystem not spacing second from first system
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 19:27:36 +0200
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Hi all,

I do not know if I am the only one who encounters that, but the fact is that running lilypond-book (2.10.25) is just driving me crazy:

I would like to collect several scores in a LPBook, including some text, a table of contents and pictures as well.
Everything is running fine and my makefile is correct.
But it occurs that the spacing between systems only happens after the second system, as if someone forgot that there had been one just before belonging to the same source file.

Playing with it, I noticed that the systems get aligned according to their lowest point.

Thanks for helping

I have come to this minimalistic test.lytex :



\newcommand{\betweenLilyPondSystem}[1]{\newline \vspace{36pt}}

  c'1\( e'( c'~ \break c' d) e f \break c' d) e f\)



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