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Re: abc2ly - church modes, tempo, "-b" option

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: abc2ly - church modes, tempo, "-b" option
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 15:16:40 -0800
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Thanks for these reports.

I'll add them to the bug tracker on Wed night, but I thought I should warn you that abc2ly is not under active development. Even a trivial bug fix in abc2ly might take a year.

This is obviously of interest to you, so you may like to try fixing these bugs yourself -- I believe that abc2ly is written in python, which is an easy programming language to learn.

- Graham

Hans Aberg wrote:
Some bugs in abc2ly (LilyPond) 2.11.34, probably easy to fix:

* When using a church mode like E Dorian, ABC expects the pitches to be interpreted relative to the key signature of this mode, that is the two sharps F# and C# in this case; abc2ly just interprets this mode as E major, with four sharps F#, C#, G#, D# then. In other words, in ABC E Dorian, the written notes C (resp. F) should be mapped onto C# (resp. F#), and the others should be as written. But abc2ly also maps G (resp. D) onto G# (resp. D#), and further writes the key signature E major instead of E Dorian. (Example below.)

* abc2ly does not write the tempo mark. An ABC source file may have this entry:
which should be translated to
  \tempo 4 = 120

(I think it would be nice to fix this, because the MIDI output of LilyPond seems more accurate than of other ABC conversion engines, so it might lead to more use of LilyPond.)

* Then "-b" option seems broken; the equivalent "--beams=None" works, though.

* When executing "abc2ly -h": a typo in the word "success".

  Hans Aberg

Example: The ABC input
T:abc2ly bugs
K:E Dorian
E<BB>A B>AB<d|F<DA>D B>DA>F|e>ce<g e>Be<g|

I think should have the typeset output of the LilyPond source below, where I have tried to do minimal editing on the output of abc2ly. (It seems also writing the wrong \version in the output.)
\version "2.7.40"
\header {
    footnotes = ""
    tagline = "Lily was here 2.11.34 -- automatically converted from ABC"
    title = "abc2ly bugs"
voicedefault =  {
\set Score.defaultBarType = "empty"

     \override Staff.TimeSignature #'style = #'C
 \time 4/4 \key e \dorian
 \tempo 4=120
  e'16[    b'8.    b'8.    a'16]    b'8.[    a'16    b'16
   d''8.]  \bar "|"   fis'16[    d'8.    a'8.    d'16]    b'8.[    d'16
a'8.    fis'16]  \bar "|"   e''8.[    cis''16    e''16    g''8.]    e''8.[
b'16    e''16    g''8.]  \bar "|"


    \context Staff="default"

    \layout {
    \midi {
        \context {
         \Score tempoWholesPerMinute = #(ly:make-moment  120   4 )

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