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Re: Missing number in broken triplet

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Missing number in broken triplet
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 09:33:57 +0100
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What you really are saying is that it's a bug that a single note triplet isn't marked as a triplet, i.e. that \times 2/3 {c8} is completely equivalent to c8*2/3,
also when it comes to printing the number indicating the triplet.

Can you please refer to any printed music that uses such a notation (I cannot
recall having every seen it, but on the other hand I haven't performed that
much modern music).

When it comes to readability, I would very much prefer a notation like
 \time 2/8
 \times 2/3 { e16 f g ~ g8 a16 } |
 \time 2/8
 \times 4/6 { e16 f g ~ g8 a16 } |
if I were to perform the piece.


Hans Aberg wrote:
I report this problem just for completeness. If one breaks up a triple into to two parts, as in the following example, the triplet number on the single note does not show. The code is
  \time 2/8
  \times 2/3 { e16 f16 } g8 \times 2/3 { a16 } |
It looks as in the attached GIF. (There is a beaming problem too, but this has been reported in other bug reports.)

If one makes sure each broken triplet has more than one note, then the triplet numbers do show. E.g.,
  \time 4/8
\times 2/3 { e16 f16 } g8 \times 2/3 { a16 b16 } c8 \times 2/3 { d16 e16 } |

  Hans Ã…berg



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