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Issue 514 in lilypond: abc2ly grace notes

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 514 in lilypond: abc2ly grace notes
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 23:10:35 -0800

Issue 514: abc2ly grace notes

Comment #1 by gpermus:
More abc2ly grace note unhappiness:

This problem arises when generating .ly files using "abc2ly --beams=None" (version 2.11.34), which generate mismatch beaming "[" and \grace{...}. When LilyPond compiles this file, the grace notes will be replaced by 1/4 pointing the wrong way, and will further also on grace notes further down which are syntactically correct. So LilyPond has not only a a problem of not being able to generate a decent output given the
syntax error, but also cannot recover properly from the error.

An ABC source file

T:abc2ly grace note bug
K:E Dorian
{ga}gdgb {a}g>d g<a|

compiled using "abc2ly --beams=None" generates code of the form
\grace {    gis''8[    a''8  }   gis''8    dis''8
gis''8    b''8]  \grace {    a''8  }   gis''8.[    dis''16]    gis''16[

Here, the first "[" within the \grace{...} construct does not have a closing 
However, the code is after is closing "]" correct. But also the second 
gets a funny putout. It looks as in the attachment.

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