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Bass figures collapsing

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Bass figures collapsing
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 23:23:15 +0100
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There's a regression bug in the handling of figured bass.
If you use extender lines and only one of two simultaneous
figures is extended, then the two figures are written on top
of each other. Example
\version "2.11.41"
\new FiguredBass \figuremode{
\set useBassFigureExtenders = ##t
<4 6> <4>

Another example is actually shown in the following snippet
copied directly from the manual,

 \new Voice
 \figures {
   \set useBassFigureExtenders = ##t
   <6 4->4. <6 4->16. <6 4->32 <5>8. r16 <6>8 <6\! 5->
   \clef bass
   f16. g32 f16. g32 f16. g32 f16. g32 f8. es16 d8 es

where the final figure shows a similar collision.
Both these examples work well with version 2.10.


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