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Issue 589 in lilypond: Odd spacing with polyphonic dotted notes

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 589 in lilypond: Odd spacing with polyphonic dotted notes
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 15:25:14 -0700

Issue 589: Odd spacing with polyphonic dotted notes

New issue report by v.villenave:
% When the same note appears simultaneously in two voices and the
% noteheads are different, they should appear right beside each other.
% This work properly in LilyPond except when the lower voice has a
% dotted note, in which case there is a gap between the noteheads. (I
% checked with dotted quarters and got the same result.)

\version "2.11.42"

      {g'4 s2. g'4 s2.} \\
      {g'2 s2 g'2. s4}

% This has not been tested with latest git. If it appears to be
% fixed, I'll just close the issue -vv

        dottedspacing.png  1.4 KB

Issue attributes:
        Status: Accepted
        Owner: v.villenave
        Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Low

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