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Re: Issue 541 in lilypond: Hebrew lyrics diacritic not well aligned

From: Yotam Medini יותם מדיני
Subject: Re: Issue 541 in lilypond: Hebrew lyrics diacritic not well aligned
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 01:06:01 +0200

Issue 541: Hebrew lyrics diacritic not well aligned

Han-Wen, Thank you for your attention to this issue.

Actually I do not know how exactly to set font in lily.
Looking at the generated PostScript file text-code, 
I see (assuming I understand correctly) that I passively use:
  %%BeginFont: DejaVuSans
  11 dict begin
  /FontName /DejaVuSans def

The manual shows example of, 

  \markup {
    \override #'(font-name . "Vera Bold")

  (make-pango-font-tree "Times New Roman"
                        "Nimbus Sans"
                        "Luxi Mono"

But I don't know how to use these commands to 
efffectively set  AharoniCLM-Book  or  CenturySchL-Rom .
Could you please send  explicit  .ly files that do it 
for the small markup example you have suggested.

Then I will continue and generate the simple case so we can compare.

regards -- yotam

On Wed, 12 Mar 2008 20:10:13 -0700

> ...
> Comment #4 by hanwenn:
> regarding the mail you sent,
> when I swap the sign of the X off, 
> I see some differences, but not the ones your
> image shows (see image). This is with
> %%BeginFont: AharoniCLM-Book
> %%BeginFont: CenturySchL-Roma
> Can you verify that lily does the wrong thing when you use these fonts?
> Which font are you using?
> Can you prepare a simpler file, with just the chars that should change? eg.
> \markup {
>   \column {
>     כַ
>     בוּ
>     הַ
>     אוֹֹ
>     רות
>     וַ
>   }
> }
> ...

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