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OOoLilypond bug -- can't copy & past

From: Lia Zito
Subject: OOoLilypond bug -- can't copy & past
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 16:18:11 +0000 (UTC)
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I actually had this working a few months ago, now either I've forgotton what
 I did or something quit working. 

I have lilypond working fine, and the OOoLilyPond plug in installed and 
working fine except for one thing -- I can't copy any text into the window 
that shows up after ctrl-M.  I have my music all ready in .ly files but no 
way to insert them in the OOo macro except re-typing from scratch, 
not really a practical option.   There seems to be no paste command 
functionality once the ctrl-M window is activated.  How do I get around this? 

Last time I was working with it, I had something figured out but apparently 
I didn't write it down.  I thought it was that whatever text I had highlighted 
from within OOo when I pressed ctrl-M would automatically be inserted 
in the lilypond window.  But that isn't working anymore. 

Has anybody else figured out how to paste text into the ctrl-M window 
from OOo? 

I'm running Mac OS 10.4 on both a G4 and an intel and have always had 
identical issues on each with lilypond and OOo. 

Thanks -- 


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