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Re: broken beam in subdivided triplets

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: broken beam in subdivided triplets
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 13:35:53 +0200

2008/4/2, Matthew <address@hidden>:

Hi Matthew,

I reproduced it with 2.11.43; however I can't say whether it's a bug
or not... Mats, please, can you have a look at the output and tell me
if this looks normal to you? Basically, LilyPond is handling the rythm
as if it were two tuplets of sixteenth notes instead of one tuplet of
eighth notes.

\version "2.11.43"

\relative c' {
       \time 1/4

       \times 2/3 { c16 c c8 c}
       \times 2/3 { c8 c16 c c8}
       \times 2/3 { c8 c c16 c}


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