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Re: Issue 329 in lilypond: lyrics messed up when assigned to voices with

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Issue 329 in lilypond: lyrics messed up when assigned to voices with different rhythms
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 13:14:30 +0200
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Francisco Vila wrote:

Now my own abstract:
--- \new Lyrics  \lyricsto v { \textNodurations }      is the only
secure way to align lyrics to a voice, and durations are superfluous
Yes, \lyricsto (and \addlyrics for simple cases) are the main methods described in the
manual and the main methods to use.
--- \lyrics is a sort of useless or impractical or not recommended
shortcut that nobody understands well.
The \lyrics command is now described as "depracated" in the manual. The corresponding commands \figures, \chords and \drums are briefly described in the manual as shortcuts for ...
--- possible bugs, there seem to be two: the syllables being left
It's a well-known limitation that the syllables are not "cleverly aligned" to the notes, as long as you have not specified the associatedVoice of the Lyrics context. This is done implicitly if you use \lyricsto. This is a problem both if you explicitly specify the durations of the lyrics and if you use \lyricsto together with a \Devnull context (or
if you misuse the \lyrics command).
I wouldn't call this limitation a bug, since it has to do with the fact that LilyPond doesn't know what note heads to align to. However, with my limited knowledge of LilyPond internals, it seems that it should be possible to in some way connect each syllable to the note column at the same time instant (if there is one) and do the alignment relative to that note column. So you might want to file a feature request that this should be possible. Still, it wouldn't be possible to get the clever alignment, meaning that you automatically get left alignment at the start of a melisma, since this requires LilyPond to know what
Voice context to follow, in terms of melismata.
 and the lack of warning when durations are not specified in
This is a misunderstanding! You always specify the durations of lyrics. Just as you get
quarter notes if you start a .ly file with
{ c d e f }
you will get syllables with quarter note duration if you input
\lyricmode{ Here is some text }
The simple rule for durations is the same for notes, lyrics, chords and figures and is described in NR "Durations". In other words, you cannot have lyrics where
the durations are not specified.


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