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Re: Issue 329 in lilypond: lyrics messed up when assigned to voices with

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: Re: Issue 329 in lilypond: lyrics messed up when assigned to voices with different rhythms
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 13:49:43 +0200

2008/8/15 Mats Bengtsson <address@hidden>:
> Francisco Vila wrote:
>> Now my own abstract:
>> --- \new Lyrics  \lyricsto v { \textNodurations }      is the only
>> secure way to align lyrics to a voice, and durations are superfluous
> Yes, \lyricsto (and \addlyrics for simple cases) are the main methods
> described in the
> manual and the main methods to use.
>> --- \lyrics is a sort of useless or impractical or not recommended
>> shortcut that nobody understands well.
> The \lyrics command is now described as "depracated" in the manual. The
> corresponding
> commands \figures, \chords and \drums are briefly described in the manual as
> shortcuts for ...
>> --- possible bugs, there seem to be two: the syllables being left
>> aligned,
> It's a well-known limitation that the syllables are not "cleverly aligned"
> to the notes,
> as long as you have not specified the associatedVoice of the Lyrics context.
> This is
> done implicitly if you use \lyricsto. This is a problem both if you
> explicitly specify the
> durations of the lyrics and if you use \lyricsto together with a \Devnull
> context (or
> if you misuse the \lyrics command).
> I wouldn't call this limitation a bug, since it has to do with the fact that
> LilyPond doesn't
> know what note heads to align to. However, with my limited knowledge of
> LilyPond
> internals, it seems that it should be possible to in some way connect each
> syllable to the
> note column at the same time instant (if there is one) and do the alignment
> relative to that
> note column. So you might want to file a feature request that this should be
> possible.
> Still, it wouldn't be possible to get the clever alignment, meaning that you
> automatically
> get left alignment at the start of a melisma, since this requires LilyPond
> to know what
> Voice context to follow, in terms of melismata.
>>  and the lack of warning when durations are not specified in
>> lyrics.
> This is a misunderstanding! You always specify the durations of lyrics. Just
> as you get
> quarter notes if you start a .ly file with
> { c d e f }
> you will get syllables with quarter note duration if you input
> \lyricmode{ Here is some text }
> The simple rule for durations is the same for notes, lyrics, chords and
> figures and is
> described in NR "Durations". In other words, you cannot have lyrics
> where
> the durations are not specified.

Then, you are saying that in my example

 \lyrics { \set associatedVoice = v \textDurations }   % correct
 \lyrics { \set associatedVoice = v \textNodurations } % wrong:
durations needed, issues warning

the wrong case is rather wrong implicit durations assumed, and warning
is issued for another reason?

Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain)

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