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Re: No menu

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: No menu
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 02:42:39 -0700
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Patricia Erickson wrote:
> I tried to look at the user list archives and found another 
> person had the same problem back in
> November 2007, however, the next in thread button did 
> not respond, so I couldn't see if there
> was a resolution.  So here's the problem:
> I have a MacBook with Mac OS X version 10.5.3.  
> It doesn't say Leopard anywhere. 
10.5.3 is Leopard.  (as well as 10.5.1, etc.)
>  I tried 
> downloading the Leopard version of Lilypond and got 
> no menu. 
If I understand you correctly you are expecting a normal Mac graphical
interface with a menu.  Lilypond is not that kind of a program
(application).  It is not point-and-click.  You must enter the commands
to create the music into some kind of editor and then run the LilyPond
program to convert this into printed (or midi) music.  This not normally
done with drop-down menus.

You need to read some of the manual before attempting to run LilyPond.



Paul Scott

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