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lilypond-book in 2.11.57

From: Laura Conrad
Subject: lilypond-book in 2.11.57
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 11:12:15 -0400
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I'm doing my first big project on 2.11, and I've gotten to the stage
where I want to print several movements of a sonata as one pdf

My 2.10 makefile doesnt' work, because lilypond-book no longer has a
--psfonts option.

So I looked at the documentation
for what I'm supposed to do now, and
tried both options.

This is an ubuntu hardy heron system, with lilypond 2.11.57 installed
as a user from the GUB.

When I run "lilypond-book --pdf sonate.lytex", I get:

     Running lilypond...GNU LilyPond 2.10.33
     Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file

Note that this is the wrong version of lilypond -- 2.10.33 is
installed systemwide, but the user who's installed the GUB expects to
be running 2.11.57.

Then it chugs for a while and says:

     Preprocessing graphical objects...
     (process:6022): Pango-CRITICAL **: No modules found:
     No builtin or dynamically loaded modules were found.
     PangoFc will not work correctly.
     This probably means there was an error in the creation of:
       You should create this file by running:
         pango-querymodules > '/usr/etc/pango/pango.modules'
     (process:6022): Pango-WARNING **: failed to find shape engine, expect ugly 
output. engine-type='PangoRenderFc', script='common'
     (process:6022): Pango-CRITICAL **: pango_fc_font_lock_face: assertion 
`PANGO_IS_FC_FONT (font)' failed
    Segmentation fault
    command failed: /usr/bin/lilypond --formats=ps -dbackend=eps  -I  
"/home/newlily/music/bigaglia/amin" --formats=eps --pdf -dinclude-eps-fonts 
-dgs-load-fonts  -deps-box-padding=3.000000  -dread-file-list 
    Child returned 139

So lilypond-book is definitely not respecting the user's path when
running lilypond.  There may also be other problems with the pango
errors, but I can definitely say there's a bug in the way lilypond is
being run here.

Laura   (mailto:address@hidden http://www.laymusic.org/ )
(617) 661-8097  233 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139   

America, where you're free to say anything you want, and you'd better
not say what you're not supposed to!

Tommy Smothers, quoted by Cory Doctorow on the Boing Boing blog

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