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Re: lilypond-book 2.11.54 windows xp filename including spaces

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: lilypond-book 2.11.54 windows xp filename including spaces
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 22:06:05 +0200
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Valentin Villenave wrote:
2008/8/30 Renaud Flavigny <address@hidden>:

I'm not an expert on Windows but on my workstation I need to add the
lilypond executable directort in the PATH variable in order to run lilypond
or lilypond-book from the prompt of the command line.

Theoretically, this should be done by the LilyPond installer.
Well, in practice it is done automatically and has been done for
many years. You might have to log off and log on again for the
setting to be noticed by Windows, though. At least, you have
to start the command prompt after the installation.
I think you don't really need to run LaTeX  because the problem occurs
during the tex file generation from the lytex file that includes the
lilypond-book calls. LaTeX is not involved in this process.

Well, AFAICS when I run lilypond-book on a .lytex document *without*
having installed any tex distribution, it simply fails with "latex:
command not found".

Yes, lilypond-book internally calls latex to find out what
line width is used in the document.


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