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Issue 340 in lilypond: \harmonic only works inside chords

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 340 in lilypond: \harmonic only works inside chords
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 23:54:49 +0000

Comment #2 on issue 340 by reinhold.kainhofer: \harmonic only works inside chords

If I understand it correctly, this is because the New_fingering_engraver (absolutely bad name, we should rename it; the documentation even says that this is the wrong name; Also, this engraver tries to do two things at the same time, namely creating fingering instructions and processing \harmonic, which are unconnected to me) sets the style of the grob to 'harmonic. If the note is not inside a chor, LilyPond implicitly creates a chord around the note and this chord is passed as the grob (i.e. c\harmonic is effectively the
same as <c>\harmonic).

The problem then is that style setting of the chord does not propagate to the notes in a chord, so the notehead processing looks only at the 'style property of the individual
note in the chord, which was not changed by the engraver...

The same effect can also be seen by the following two notes, which emulate what the
New_fingering_engraver does:

\tweak #'style #'cross c
< \tweak #'style #'cross c>

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