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Issue 454 in lilypond: beamlets have different length

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 454 in lilypond: beamlets have different length
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 09:56:05 +0000

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Comment #6 on issue 454 by joeneeman: beamlets have different length

I'm not so enthusiastic about introducing new spacing rules for beamlets; do you have a reference or an example that suggests it as the correct behaviour. I'm worried about the fact that {g16 g8} would be spaced further apart than {g16 g16} in a tight situation; it seems to me that a shorter beamlet would be preferable to uneven

Shortening beamlets for a whole page might be difficult. Shortening beamlets for a whole system seems more feasible, but I'll mark this as low priority because I've just made beamlet lengths configurable so there is a workaround available. I've left
the previous numbers as defaults, but maybe they should be changed.

I've attached a few examples that I got from a Baerenreiter edition of Telemann's
violin fantasies. They suggest that
1) The default length beamlet length (one note-head's width) might be too long 2) The maximum proportion of space taken up by a beamlet might be too _short_ (rather
than too long, as I was thinking before)
3) Even Baerenreiter is not very consistent about its beamlet lengths, so maybe this
isn't such a big deal.

        short_beamlets.jpeg  56.2 KB
        long_beamlets.jpeg  39.0 KB
        uneven_beamlets.jpeg  21.0 KB

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