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Issue 789 in lilypond: instrument name misalignment

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 789 in lilypond: instrument name misalignment
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2009 05:50:13 +0000

Status: Accepted
Owner: gpermus
Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Low

New issue 789 by gpermus: instrument name misalignment

In the course of doing that I've found one further necessary condition for
the problem to appear: the volta engraver has to be in the Staff context. In
the example below, there should be a line break between first and second
ending at the default line width. The "Mar." appears about even with the
top staff line. If you leave the volta engraver in the Score context, the
name is normally centered.

Of course in the example there is no good reason to move the volta
engraver, but in the actual music there is.

Attached is an even more minimal example (for the bug tracker). I also noticed
that the problem does not appear with the first alternative (if the first
alternative starts in a new line), but only with the second.

The problem also appears with lilypond 2.13.2.

\version "2.12.2"

\layout {
    \context { \Score
           \remove "Volta_engraver"

testMusik =  \relative c'' {
  \repeat volta 2 {
    c1 \break
  } \alternative {
    { c1 \break }
    { c1 \break }

\score {
  \new Staff  \with {
    \consists "Volta_engraver"
    instrumentName = "Instrument"
    shortInstrumentName = "Instr."

        volta.png  12.2 KB

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