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Re: Ligaturebrackets not printed after line break

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: Ligaturebrackets not printed after line break
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 00:19:19 +0100

2009/7/29 T. Kinoshita <address@hidden>:

> Ligature is not printed after line break. This does not occur when it includes
> more than one note (after the line break). Would be glad if that could be 
> fixed.

This is rather unfortunate, and arises from the way ligature brackets
are created via the (mis)use of tuplet brackets.

If you don't mind always having horizontal ligatures*, you can try the
following workaround, which replaces the usual print function with a
line spanner:

\paper{ ragged-right = ##t }
\relative c' {
  \override LigatureBracket #'stencil = #ly:line-spanner::print
  \override LigatureBracket #'bound-details =
    #`((left (Y . 0)
             (padding . -0.2)
             (text . ,(make-draw-line-markup '(0 . -0.7)))
             (attach-dir . ,LEFT))
       (left-broken (end-on-note . #t)
                    (padding . -2)
                    (text . #f))
       (right (Y . 0)
              (padding . -0.2)
              (text . ,(make-draw-line-markup '(0 . -0.7)))
              (attach-dir . ,RIGHT))
       (right-broken (text . #f)))
  \override LigatureBracket #'left-bound-info =
  \override LigatureBracket #'right-bound-info =
  \override LigatureBracket #'Y-offset =
  \override LigatureBracket #'side-axis = #Y
  c2 \[d2 \break
  e2\] e2

* though you can tweak the angle manually by setting left/right Y in
'bound-details above

Valentin, I think this deserves a bugtracker entry as an enhancement:
ligature brackets should be reworked to use the line-spanner-interface
instead of tuplet-bracket-interface.


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