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default automatic beams eighth notes in 4/4

From: Patrick Schmidt
Subject: default automatic beams eighth notes in 4/4
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 16:08:10 +0200

Hi docwriters,

in version 2.13.3 the default for the automatic beaming of eighth notes in 
\time 4/4 seems to have changed. In former versions four eighth notes got one 
beam now there are four groups of two eighth notes in a bar. In the Learning 
Manual for 2.13.3 in section 2.2.5 (p. 22) the first example suggests that the 
default has not changed as the first four eighth notes are still grouped 
together without any manual beam in the code. (See also the snippet on page 60 
in the Notation Reference).
It might also be useful to show the default beaming of eighth notes for some 
more time signatures (e.g. 4/4, 5/8) in section 1.2.4 in the Notation Reference 
(p. 54).

Hope this helps,

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