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command-line usage - bus error

From: Patrick Schmidt
Subject: command-line usage - bus error
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 10:32:16 +0200

Dear Community,

I get a bus error when I try to invoke from the command-line (Mac OS X 
10.4.11).  I followed the guidelines in the manual "Program Usage" (section 
MacOS X on the command line). Compiling ly-files with a texteditor (jEdit) 
works just fine.

Thanks for any hint.

> > When you installed 2.13.4, did you remember to delete the old
> > lilypond app?  If you didn't, that would explain why everything is
> > screwed up now.
> No, I had not deleted old versions but had stored them in a separate
> directory. How can I test 2.13.4 but also keep an older version to work with?
> For now I deleted all my old versions and installed darwin-ppc
> (with darwin-x86 I still get bus errors even though I have an MacOS X intel).
> Now I can run lilypond from the command-line again.
> > 
> > You could also try deleting any $HOME/.font* directories you find,
> > as well as the lilypond app, before downloading 2.13.4 and trying
> > again.
> Just to make sure: the directories I'm supposed to delete should be in
> /Users/username and they are invisible? I deleted 3 files/directories:
> .fontconfig .fonts.cache-1 .lilypond-fonts.cache-2

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