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Re: Support of Snow Leopard

From: Jazzed
Subject: Re: Support of Snow Leopard
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 10:43:38 -0700 (PDT)

Antheo wrote:
> From what i read it seems the dev version 2.13.3 should work on Snow
> Leopard but I just tried and it takes 100% of the CPU on my machine.

I'm new to Lilypond (first post here!) and I had the same problem upon
trying to install on Snow Leopard.

On first compile, Lilypond has to analyse system fonts or something. I took
a look at the process and it seemed to be getting stuck on LastResort.ttf,
which is a system font you can't remove. I never figured out why, but I
managed to get it working anyway by installing 2.12.2-1. I compiled a file
with 2.12, which worked. Note that this version of the graphical application
does not open properly on Snow Leopard, but the actual compiler works fine,
so you can compile from a Terminal shell or with something like TeXShop.

I then replaced Lilypond.app (2.12.2-1) with the one from 2.13.3. It didn't
seem to need to analyse fonts again (which is where it was getting stuck),
so now it works!

Hopefully this works for you. Let me know if I was unclear.
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