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Issue 783 in lilypond: release list for 2.14

From: codesite-noreply
Subject: Issue 783 in lilypond: release list for 2.14
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 15:45:55 +0000

Comment #7 on issue 783 by reinhold.kainhofer: release list for 2.14

What is still missing are:
-) Good defaults for the vertical spacing. Current problems:
  o) Without stretching, the staves are far too close
  o) With stretching, the staves are too close to the header and footer
  o) a system-separator-markup collides with bar numbers
  o) multiple lyrics lines cannot be spaced at all (IIRC)
  o) Multiple choir staves on a pages should be stretched lesse, instead
     there should be more space between the systems.
-) converty-ly rules (will probably be quite complicated!) for the vertical
   spacing changes

About the AJAX feature: While the search is not perfect (searches only the
index terms), once you have used it, you can't live without it any more... I'm now
always using http://kainhofer.com/~lilypond/ajax/
I agree we should now really start looking at this!

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