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Re: Running under Snow Leopard

From: Patrick McCarty
Subject: Re: Running under Snow Leopard
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 15:39:33 -0700
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On 2009-10-28, Graham Percival wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 03:28:45PM -0700, Patrick McCarty wrote:
> > At this point, we can only speculate about the reasons why 2.12.2
> > works but 2.13.6 does not, because 2.12.2 was built with GUB2 (no
> > longer exists) and 2.13.6 was built with GUB3.
> Didn't we find that the 2.12.3 pre-release failed as well?  If I'm
> remembering correctly, then the problem would either be in GUB3 or
> in whatever patches were backported.

Oh, yeah.  :-)  I think you're right.

Would it be possible to build an installer from the release/2.12.2
commit in stable/2.12?

If that installer also hangs, then it's likely a GUB problem.

> A slight possibilty would be the updated lilypad app, or the way
> that app was bundled?

The hang occurs even when LilyPad is not used, so I doubt this is the


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