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Failure to install (or find) the LILYPOND software with UBUNTU

From: Oliver Penrose
Subject: Failure to install (or find) the LILYPOND software with UBUNTU
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 11:01:28 +0000 (UTC)
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Please explain to me how to install the LILYPOND program on my X22 laptop, 
is using UBUNTU. So far I have not got anywhere, trying to follow the
instructions on your web site(s)
I went to the web site


which says
"When we have whetted your appetite for LilyPond, then this is the right page.
Click the download links for the platform of your choice, and go onto Getting

About 5 lines down, there is a Ubuntu symbol and to the right of that it says
"included with distribution" the words "with distribution" being purple, so I
clicked on them. 
Then I clicked on the words Getting started in the sentence copied above and I
was transferred to the page 


but nothing works, for example when I type the command

 lilypond test.ly

the answer is 

lilypond: Command not found.

Yours, Oliver Penroes

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