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Re: Issue 943 in lilypond: input/regression/slur-broken-trend.ly broken

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 943 in lilypond: input/regression/slur-broken-trend.ly broken
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 19:49:25 +0000

Comment #28 on issue 943 by pnorcks: input/regression/slur-broken-trend.ly broken

The basic idea is as follows:

Before Joe's commit (4cabd2), the control points of the slur (set in the
calc_control_points function) were determined in a logical sequence; that is, the control points of the pre-line-break slur were calculated, and the post-line-break slur was notified of this direction, and then the post-line-break slur control points
were calculated.

After that commit, some special handling was implemented to move various grobs to the top of a system via an 'after-line-breaking callback. The method of determining the "topmost" staff in a system requires calculating the staff width, and thus requires calculating the control points of certain slurs. When this occurs, it has the effect of changing the order of operations, and slur directions are forwarded too late in
the process.

With my fix, extra precaution is taken to make sure the post-line-break slur has the same direction of the pre-line-break slur. If the order of operations ever changes again, this regression will never recur (unless the internal semantics of Spanner

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