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Re: Issue 1089 in lilypond: DynamicTextSpanner not printed

From: lilypond
Subject: Re: Issue 1089 in lilypond: DynamicTextSpanner not printed
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 14:39:54 +0000

Comment #4 on issue 1089 by Carl.D.Sorensen: DynamicTextSpanner not printed

There was a decision to add a bit of space to separate the cresc. from the p. In so doing, the available space became too short to fit both. If there were a warning, the user could make the necessary adjustments.

I actually don't think that 2.10.33 is correct! The crescendo is supposed to end on the 2nd note in the measure according to the input code. But the text spanner goes to at least the 3rd note of the measure, and might be interpreted as going to the 4th. So, even though 2.10.33 prints cresc., I don't think the output is consistent with
the input.

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