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cueDuring + tuplet warning

From: Jay Anderson
Subject: cueDuring + tuplet warning
Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 21:02:50 -0700

\version "2.13.22"

one = \relative c'
  c4 c c \times 2/3 {c8 c c} |
  c8 c c c c c c c |

\addQuote "ONE" \one

two = \relative c'
  R1 |
  \cueDuring #"ONE" #UP {R1 |}

\score { \new Staff \two }

Results in this warning:
cue_prob.ly:5:9: warning: No tuplet to end
  c4 c c
         \times 2/3 {c8 c c} |

This doesn't seem detrimental to the output, but it is seems to be an
unneeded warning since the tuplet isn't part of the desired cue.


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