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Apparent mistake in output-lib.scm - fine barglyph-alist

From: Philip Thomas
Subject: Apparent mistake in output-lib.scm - fine barglyph-alist
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2012 16:39:19 +0200

I was trying to get to grips with adjustments to break alignment, and
stumbled on a section in output-lib.scm headed:

;; Bar lines.


;; How should a  bar line behave at a break?

I noticed that there are what appear to be two identical entries under the

(define bar-glyph-alist



Line 264:     ("||:" . ("||" . "|:"))

Line 267:     ("||:" . ("||" . "|:"))

Unless there is something I've missed, those two lines are identical. It may
be just a simple duplication, or it could be that one of the lines should
read something different. Maybe there is no problem, or maybe even there's a
good reason for the duplication -- I am no programmer and can't imagine what
the consequences of the duplication might be, but at any rate now someone
who understands this stuff might like to have a look at it and decide
whether any action is needed.

Cheers, Philip

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