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Re: simple chord inversions take 2-octaves

From: Nucleos
Subject: Re: simple chord inversions take 2-octaves
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 18:41:49 +0200
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Le 21/06/2012 18:24, Phil Holmes a écrit :
> This doesn't help you, but for my money, both inversions are
> incorrect. Correct inversions would look as attached.  Wonder if it's
> an artifact from relative note placement?

You are right, "theoretically" any inversions could be used, but in
theory, you could also use 4-octave-wide inversions, and this would be
absurd, because few instruments can play on 4 octaves. I think there is
a glitch in Lilypond's inversions, but I may be proven wrong. If so,
there should be a warning in the documentation.

Moreover, imho, most piano composers would take my definition, not
Lilypond's, because it is natural on a piano not to go beyond one octave
for one hand. If I want <c/e> on the right hand, I don't want it to be
spread across 2 octaves.

Thank you for your useful image!

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