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[musicxml2ly] beams and lost lyric syllables

From: pls
Subject: [musicxml2ly] beams and lost lyric syllables
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2012 23:06:37 +0200

Hey all,

syllables under beamed notes are swallowed by musicxml2ly (LilyPond v2.17.3). 
This seems to be a close relative of Issue 2881.

Test File: 

Result of the conversion of the test file (see also: 

\layout {
    \context { \Score
        autoBeaming = ##f
PartPOneVoiceOne =  {
    \clef "treble" \key c \major \time 4/4 c'8. [ c'16 ] c'2. }

PartPOneVoiceOneLyricsOne =  \lyricmode { Syl -- ble }

The middle syllable of Syl -- la -- ble is missing. It got lost during the 
musicxml2ly conversion. But even if the syllable hadn't been swallowed LilyPond 
seems to have a problem with manual beams and lyrics in combination with 
autoBeaming = ##f. Compiling the file with

PartPOneVoiceOneLyricsOne =  \lyricmode { Syl -- la -- ble }

leads to this result: 

When one exchanges the autoBeaming = ##f for \autoBeamOff in the \layout-block 
the problem with the wrong alignment of lyrics is solved.  Is autoBeaming = ##f 
deprecated?  This would be easy to adjust in musicxml2ly.  The lost syllables 
pose a bigger problem...


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