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Re: revitalizing a whole GrandStaff if only one Staff is alive

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: revitalizing a whole GrandStaff if only one Staff is alive
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 09:59:09 +0100

"Eluze" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden
I suggest to add

after NR: /Hiding staves/ a section should be added to explain how to keep
alive a full GrandStaff even if only one of its staves is alive

*Showing the full GrandStaff if only one Staff is playing*

if one instrument of a GrandStaff is playing, sometimes it is better to
display /all/ the instruments (staves) of the GrandStaff

with \removeEmptyStaves in the Staff context and \consists
Keep_alive_together_engraver in the GrandStaff context the whole GrandStaff
(and not only a single, non-empty Staff) is displayed

-- snippet
% (the shortInstrumentName is added to easily spot where which staff is

 \relative c' <<
   \new StaffGroup = "StaffGroup_woodwinds" <<
\new Staff = "Staff_flute" \with { shortInstrumentName = "Fl"} \repeat
unfold 20 { c'4 c c c }
\new Staff = "Staff_oboe" \with { shortInstrumentName = "Ob"} \repeat
unfold 20 { b4 b b b }
   \new StaffGroup = "StaffGroup_Strings" <<
     \new GrandStaff = "GrandStaff_violins" \with { shortInstrumentName =
"Vi"} <<
       \new Staff = "Staff_violinI" { \repeat unfold 19 { s1 } a -"this
note to revive the staff" }
       \new Staff = "Staff_violinII" { \repeat unfold 20 { s1 } }
\new Staff = "Staff_viola" \with { shortInstrumentName = "Va"} \repeat
unfold 20 { \clef alto e4 e e e }
\new Staff = "Staff_cello" \with { shortInstrumentName = "Ce"} \repeat
unfold 20 { \clef bass c,1 }
\layout {
 \context {
   \consists Keep_alive_together_engraver
 \context {

-- endsnippet

thanks to Alex Voice for his example and for your comments!

Why don't you add this as a snippet to the LSR, and tag is with "docs". That way it will automatically appear in the snippets documentation, and you can request a doc change to add the snippet.

Phil Holmes
Bug Squad

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