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Re: font size override and grace notes

From: Eluze
Subject: Re: font size override and grace notes
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 00:48:16 -0700 (PDT)

Matt Cary wrote
> The following doesn't do what I'd expect. The grace note has the large 
> font size; I'd expect it to be its regular size (ie, small). Let me know
> if you
> need any more information or context.
> \relative c' {
>  \override NoteHead #'font-size = #1
>  g
>  \revert NoteHead #'font-size
>  \slashedGrace a16( b8)
> }

I'd say with \revert you revert the override of the grace note before it has
been used.

better use \once to override the size of the g, or revert the note heads
size after the slashed grace is done:

\override NoteHead #'font-size = #4    g
\slashedGrace                                  a16( 
\revert NoteHead #'font-size              b8)


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