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Re: Feature Request: Support for fingering position override on single p

From: Javier Ruiz-Alma
Subject: Re: Feature Request: Support for fingering position override on single polyphonic notes
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 09:39:49 +0000 (UTC)
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>Javier Ruiz-Alma <javier <at> ruiz-alma.com> writes:

>> Lilypond ignores fingering position command for single notes on polyphonic
>> music, while allowing the desired behaviour when chord notation is used.
>> Report from 2004:
>> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/lilypond-user/2004-08/msg00300.html
>> \version "2.16.1"
>> {
>>   % fingering position command ignored on single polyphonic notes
>>   % yet works with chord notation
>>   << {s2} \\ { c''^5 <c''^5> }>>
>> }
>> This limitation makes for a lot of extra typing and yields difficult
>> to read/maintain lilypond code when typesetting fingered polyphonic
>> scores.

>Fingering is not ignored, if you take a look at the following:
>\version "2.16.1"
>  << {s2} \\ { c''^5 <c''^5> }>>
>  << {s2} \\ { c''_5 <c''_5> }>>
>  << {s2} \\ { c''-5 <c''-5> }>>
>  c''^5 <c''^5>
>  c''_5 <c''_5>
>  c''-5 <c''-5>
>You can see that it is heeded when in \oneVoice mode (the last thre
>groups).  It would just appear that the Fingering_engraver (responsible
>for fingerings on whole chords and single notes) and the
>New_fingering_engraver (responsible for fingerings on notes within
>chords) have different priorities regarding heeding the general voice
>direction over individual directions.

>Should an explicit direction always take precedence?
>David Kastrup

Yes, IMO a user-entered explicit fingering direction (^ or _) should take
precedence over the engraver default directions.  As a means of extreme example
of how much additional code I've found myself while trying to overcome this with
polyphonic music:

\version "2.16.1"
  a'2-5 a'-5
  << {s2} \\ {
        a'2^5   %compile...direction ignored
        <a'^5>2 %compile again...direction taken, but fingering alignment not
matching prior fingering
        \override Fingering #'add-stem-support = ##t <a'^5>2 %compile 

Rgds, Javier

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