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Re: "à" in title makes damaged pd f

From: yvand
Subject: Re: "à" in title makes damaged pd f
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2013 21:41:09 +0100
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Le 24/02/2013 19:03, james a écrit :
the problem here is not in lilypond, nor in the file, exactly. The problem is 
the character encoding. (You can look up character encoding on wikipedia if you 
really want to know more about it.) More to the point: the best way to help 
solve your problem would be to know which program you use to create the 
lilypond file and then find out how to enable utf-8 by default in the program.

I don't understand, the problem only occurs with this character and with this version of lilypond ! (using the title "Lettre à Élise") I use gedit to write lilypond files, the files are encoded in utf8. I do not copy the character but I type it (on my keyboard) ! I made other tests, and the problem is not only à, it seems there are other factors... Indeed "àLettre à Élise" works fine ! Can someone reproduce my problem using my example file ?? (title = "Lettre à Élise", see below)

Minimal code :

\version "2.16.2"
\header{title = "Lettre à Élise"}

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