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partcombineChords affects preceding note, gives wrong output

From: Pavel Roskin
Subject: partcombineChords affects preceding note, gives wrong output
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2013 10:49:46 -0500
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Following code gives incorrect output:

\version "2.16.1"
soprano = {
  \partcombineApart g'8 \partcombineChords g'8
alto = {
  c'16 [ c'16 ] c'8
\score {
  \partcombine \soprano \alto

The first c'16 is drawn without a beam, the second c'16 has its beam attached to the subsequent chord and has its stem up. It means that partcombineChords not only fails to produce the right output, but it affects the notes that precede it in time.

Replacing partcombineChords with partcombineAutomatic fixes the problem. That's weird because partcombineChords is meant to make chords only, and it fails at that, whereas partcombineAutomatic is a more complicated mode, and it makes a good looking chord.

It would be a real problem when the parts are separated by more than an octave. partcombineAutomatic would draw the notes separately. partcombineChords would be needed to produce a chord.

The problems exists both in the current development version and 2.16.1.

Pavel Roskin

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