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Re: A plea for a documentation change ... Just a tiny one

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: A plea for a documentation change ... Just a tiny one
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2013 14:46:51 +0100
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Please send such requests to address@hidden in future (I forwarded it this time)

Am 07.03.2013 06:55, schrieb Guy Stalnaker:
I've just spent an entire evening trying to figure out how to add some lyric text to one voice of a three-measure two-voice section of a score. I used as my basis of understanding the section of the docs one might expect:


Turns out that nothing on that page, nor any example, fit the situation. There *IS* something in the docs that does **exactly** fit the situation. But, it's nowhere near this section of the Notation Reference. It is:


The second example, */Temporary polyphonic passages, /*is precisely what I needed and the minute I redid my score using it as a guide, the changes immediately fixed the lyric/voice alignment as I wanted it.

Why my plea? It is incredibly common in choral music to have a voice part split for a cadence, or a measure or two. Very, very common. In setting the music one naturally wants to use the << {} \\ {} >> construct. But, as you know, that causes an issue with lyrics. Before now, I have created a second voice part, and filled it with empty measures, except for the few needed, and done the same for the lyrics that went along with them.

This time I simply balked at creating a 20-measure baritone part full of s1 and lyrics full of \skip just so I could set the final three measures of the work correctly. There had to be a better way. And, happily, there is. But it's not mentioned anywhere on the "Techniques Specific to Lyrics" documentation.

Please add it. No need to modify text or music examples. It is dead useful just as it is. If it can be found :-)

To all of you who contribute to the development of lilypond, my sincerest thanks. I really love it. I'm a multi-OS person and it delights me that I can use lilypond/Frescobaldi on three different platforms, and, if I'm too lazy to go to my desk, I can use textastic/ssh-to-desktop/Dropbox from my iPad :-) Simply fantastic.

I'm in the process of moving all of my compositions and arrangements to lilypond format. It's been quite the learning experience. And I learned something new tonight :-)

Best regards,

"There is only love, and then oblivion. Love is all we have
to set against hatred." (paraphrased) Ian McEwan

Guy Stalnaker

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