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Re: Lilypond-book clipping does not take into account the height of the

From: Eluze
Subject: Re: Lilypond-book clipping does not take into account the height of the choirstaff bracket
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2013 01:50:16 -0700 (PDT)

John Szwast wrote
> The choirstaff bracket gets clipped if no other element extends as far up
> and
> down.  The treble cleff sign extends far enough up to keep the top of the
> choirstaff bracket, and note stems that hang below the bass staff will
> prevent
> the choirstaff bracket from being clipped on the bottom.  But if no other
> element extends above the treble staff or below the bass staff, then the
> choirstaff bracket will be clipped off.  Below is an example demonstrating
> no
> clipping, clipping only on top, clipping only on the bottom, and clipping
> on
> both sides.

thanks for your report, John

there are already a few trackers around this phenomenon:

an easy - though cumbrous - workaround is to add some vertical extent:

 \override Score.VerticalAxisGroup.minimum-Y-extent = #'(-4 . 4)


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