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Documentation suggestions

From: simon_albrecht
Subject: Documentation suggestions
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 21:11:29 +0100 (CET)
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Hello Lilypond community!

During several typesetting jobs, I've collected a number of suggestions
for the docs:
- one larger concerning an error message I encountered at least twice and
spent much time and nerves finding the problem: other users may also
overlook this crucial point some time, so I suggest adding a paragraph to
"Usage 1.4 Common errors". I suggest something like the following text:

Error message "unexpected \new"

If \score { } contains several Staff/StaffGroup and similar contexts, they
have to be enclosed in angle brackets << >> in order to mark them as

\score {
  << %this is the crucial pair
  \new Staff { }
  \new Staff { }
  \new StaffGroup << >>

Else Lilypond can't handle  the \new command and produces the named error

German version of the same text:

Fehlermeldung "unexpected \new"

Wenn \score { } mehrere Staff-, StaffGroup- und ähnliche Kontexte enthält,
müssen diese in eckige Klammern << >> eingeschlossen werden, um als
gleichzeitig erkannt zu werden:

\score {
  << %das ist das entscheidende Klammerpaar
  \new Staff { }
  \new Staff { }
  \new StaffGroup << >>

Sonst kann Liypond den \new-Befehl nicht verarbeiten und gibt die genannte
Fehlermeldung aus.

-some smaller corrections and inadvertences in the German translation:

notation.de, chapter 1.2.4, paragraph "Bebalkung basierend auf baseMoment
und beatStructure"
fourth sentence: "Numerator" is actually called "Zähler" in German
next to last sentence: "Denominator" is actually called "Nenner" in German

notation.de, chapter,
right at the beginning "Clarinette" and "BassClarinette" should better be
spelled "Klarinette" and "Bassklarinette"
second example, second markup, "Eineinhalb" should rather be "Einhalb"

notation.de, chapter 1.6.1, paragraph "Ausgewählte Schnipsel" (= selected
snippets), first snippet: "ChoirStaffGroup-Kontext" should be

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