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Re: musicxml2ly stops making chords after some timing errors

From: pls
Subject: Re: musicxml2ly stops making chords after some timing errors
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 20:58:52 +0200

Hi Pavel,

musicxml2ly does not like wrong timing information. The problem here is that 
SharpEye 2 obviously has issues with its MusicXML export.  SharpEye 2 exported 
the wrong duration value in the backup element in the first measure.  It also 
assigned the f (half note) to the same voice as d  (whole note).  musicxml2ly 
is right to complain.  It doesn't lose any information.  I find it rather 
awkward that MuseScore managed to render faulty markup the way it's supposed to 


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On 06.07.2013, at 20:01, Pavel Roskin <address@hidden> wrote:

> musicxml2ly cannot recover from some timing errors.  From that point, it 
> stops making chords for the remainder of the score.
> This is a serious problem, as no adjustments to the broken measure made in 
> the musicxml2ly output would fix the consecutive output.  musicxml2ly loses 
> information about chords.  The only workaround is fixing the original 
> musicxml file, which is tricky.
> It the attached example, G and B in the second measure should be a chord.  
> Musescore shows them as a chord.  But musicxml2ly generates two consecutive 
> whole notes.
> The problem was observed with the actual SharpEye 2 output.  musicxml2ly is 
> from the current development version of Lilypond.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin
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