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lyricmode regression

From: Vik Reykja
Subject: lyricmode regression
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 17:52:56 +0200

Upgrading from 2.14.2 (Ubuntu 12.10) to 2.17.27 (git head) in order to try
something, I noticed my music was broken.  Here is a minimal example
illustrating the problem:

\new Lyrics \lyricmode { \skip 1.*3 }

which now gives

/home/vik/minimal.ly:1:34: error: not a duration: 3
\new Lyrics \lyricmode { \skip 1.*
                                  3 }

It's a little bit tricky because the bug only manifests itself under
certain conditions:
* There must be no spaces (\skip 1. * 3 works)
* The duration must be dotted (\skip 1*3 works)
* The multiplier must not be a duration (\skip 1.*2 works)

I have not tested that those last two do what they should, only that they

This was broken in commit 38a4081efa4a8ee2f5da780ca0ed2991627afc46 which
handles this issue: https://codereview.appspot.com/6594047

For me, this is clearly a backwards incompatibility.  I don't know your
project well enough to know how strict you are about introducing those.  I
would prefer for it to be fixed and regression tests added, but it at least
needs to be in some kind of release notes.

I would like to have included a patch to fix it, but I am not very wise in
the ways of lexers.

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