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No progress messages on GUI under Windows 7

From: Jeff Wahl
Subject: No progress messages on GUI under Windows 7
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 00:00:20 +0000 (UTC)
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> I'm not top posting.

Running Windows 7 64-bit. I can run Lilypond 2.16.2, directly, either in a
command window using "lilypond -dgui" (producing messages in the console) or
dropping a file onto the desktop shortcut (producing the logfile). 

But I prefer to work with a GUI interface. Neither LilypondTool (no longer
supported) under jEdit nor Frescobaldi will show progress messages from
Lilypond 2.16 binaries in the respective console windows (of LilypondTool or
Frescobaldi). Both of these GUI interfaces will show the messages when using
an older major version of Lilypond. What has changed (not explained in
Lilypond documentation)? It doesn't matter whether I use bundled Python or
Python 2.7 (which is used by Frescobaldi).

Jeff Wahl

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