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Re: vertical spacing of a staff with lyrics is irritating

From: Keith OHara
Subject: Re: vertical spacing of a staff with lyrics is irritating
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 08:27:45 +0000 (UTC)
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Eluze <eluzew <at> gmail.com> writes:

> >  If you put A at the bottom of your list, the lyrics become spaced close
> > to the staves.
> not sure what you mean with this - example?

 staff=\new Staff = staff \new Voice = voice { a'1 a'1 }
 lyric=\context Lyrics = lyric \lyricsto voice { oh oh }
 A =<< \staff \lyric >>
 B=<< \staff \new Lyrics=lyric \with{alignAboveContext=staff } \lyric>>
 C=<< \new Lyrics = lyric   \staff   \lyric >>

 \markup { B \override #'(line-width . 25) \draw-hline } \B
 \markup { C \override #'(line-width . 25) \draw-hline } \C
 \markup { A \override #'(line-width . 25) \draw-hline } \A

But my only reason to mention that the arrangement above works, was to
say how I came to suspect that two Staff=staff on the page before 
alignAboveContext=staff was the key to the bug.

> I want to put it right where it is - sincerely, I went through all
> combinations and whenever \B or \C follows \A the spacing is incorrect.

> > In any case 'alignAboveContext' looks like a difficult way to do what
> > you did more simply and understandably (to me) in your arrangement 'C'
> but it is a LilyPond command and should be usable.

Yes, but some LilyPond features turned out to be not-so-good ideas,
and we don't need to use features if they don't help us.

> before finding out that \A was causing the error I tried lots of
> constellations and that's also the reason why my 2nd post was so short 
> with \B, omitting \C) - the bug still shows up with the coding you call
> *more understandable* (\C)

Oh!  I did not realize that any markup immediately following \A gets extra
space below it.

It looks like every line of lyrics at the bottom of a score causes extra 
space between following markup and any lyrics above the next score:

<<\new Staff { a'1 a'1 }
  \new Lyrics { oh1 oh }
  \new Lyrics { oh1 oh }
  \new Lyrics { oh1 oh }
  \new Lyrics { oh1 oh }
  \new Lyrics { oh1 oh } >>
\markup { C \override #'(line-width . 25) \draw-hline }
<< \new Lyrics\lyricmode {la1 la }
 \new Staff \new Voice = voice { a'1 a'1 } >>

That is bizarre! It is probably my fault.

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